Canyoning especially for sports focused individuals. Abseiling and belaying under the supervision of the instructor are a matter of course in this category. Multiple jumps around 8 m (sometimes can be bypassed, sometimes abseil), multiple water slides 8 to 10 m, waterfalls up to 50 m height. Basically, is added more water, the relief and character of the canyon becomes a bit steeper, more difficult and longer. Very few ways to climb out in an emergency. Awaits you a little longer aproaching for canyon. Programs require at least average fitness. It means that you can go anyone who a regularly sports. 



Emerald love up to 6 o’clock trip in Pordenone, Italy. Trip for min. 6 pers. Great scenery of a cave canyon and fascinating natural creations. Small waterfalls, but incredibly rich scenery during the descent. An integral part is the headlamp, because the canyoning continues through a deep cave with magnificent karst formations in the underground, which flows through the underground river. The price includes the rental of all materials and equipment. Write to us, we will send you a detail for the trip. You can order here.

95 €



Abseiling action just a bit time from the Bovec. 5 hour of action and adventure. A trip designed primarily for sports-based individuals. Beautiful abseiling, splashing water, moss-covered walls, a little jungle and if it comes to the sun so it is great and perfect line. Globoški is especially for lovers of vertical lines, abseiling and the finale is ended by beautiful jumps into the turquoise pools of the river Učja. So a trip for those of you who want to abseiling. The price includes all equipment. If you will want we’ll send you more information.

95 €



Trip where you can expect really everything. 4 hour amazing canyoning eldorado just short way from the Bovec. Great and nutritious sport trip designed for physically fit individuals. Beautiful and varied abseiling +40m, beautiful jumps, small but nice and fun slides to emerald and deep pools. You will enjoy exceptional scenery of the surrounding mountains and splashing water. You can relax on the warm and white boulders or swim in the rippled natural pools. Price includes materials and equipment. Write to us for information.

99 €



Perfect adventure trip located right in Tolmezzo. Great famous entry waterfall and an amazing cave part in the second half. An adventurous canyon and a great experience make it more than a half-day trip. Great scenery and water splashing of magnificent waterfalls await you. The trip will really be enjoyed by every sports-based individual in this category. The price includes the rental of all materials and equipment, including local transfers. Min. number 5 pers. Write to us, we will send you a detail for the trip. You can order here.

99 €

Final photo Adri


Just a short distance from Tolmezzo you will find another local trip. Approach is a bit steep but not long. As a reward you will find fantastic obstacles in this canyon in the form of exceptional abseils, playful water slides and small jumps up to 4 m. Just as an obstacles is a canyon different challenge and adventure. Final great waterfalls are the sweet icing on the imaginary cake of this canyon. Private trip from 6 pers. Price includes all materials and equipment including local transfers. Min. number of the group 6 pers. You can order a trip here.

120 €

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Just a bit time from the Bovec in italian Carnia is a beautiful canyon full of action. 4 hour finery in a narrow and closed gorge where you will find many obstacles such as jumps, water slides, beautiful abseiling and wild scenery of flowing waterfalls from the surrounding steep walls. All trip is one cascade of emerald pools and final point is abseiling 70m the fantastic waterfall in the narrow cave. Obstacle follows an obstacle and that is the cool thing and very very fun. Trip for min. 5 pers. The price includes all materials and equipment.

120 €



Longest trip in this category is near the village of Strmec. By connecting the upper and lower Predelica you get a half-day super 6 hour line. Great trip where nothing is missing. At the beginning you can expect nice warm-up jumps, small beautiful abseiling, followed by “scottish jets” in great waterfalls, and in the second half after short river walking you can enjoy of the amazing cascade of fun obstacles from the action jumps, fun toboggans to beautiful abseiling. View of mountain scenery is a imposant. Price includes materials and equipment.

149 €



Longest and most beautiful trip in this category. Great vertical lines with all the superlatives. Great waterfalls, jumps and water slides. A slightly longer approach and a relatively long descent make this line an honest all-day trip. However the experience is quite exceptional, absolutely exclusive and exceeding all the hardships during the ascent to the start of the canyon. Especially rappeling and jumps are very beautiful and sometimes fascinating. Price includes the rental of all equipment, transfers. Write us for information.

175 €