The base in the south of Transylvania in Romania is a bit of our next home. We have been developing friendly tourism from 2008 in mutual symbiosis with the local population and very closely connected with local traditions and customs. In all our activities we strive to respect, preserve and develop local customs, traditions, and especially to motivate the local population to preserve these traditions, which are becoming less and less in today’s globalized world. Thanks to this we can offer you a whole range of activities during which you will come back a little bit in time. Accommodation in a traditional village farm with sleeping in the hay, cattle grazing, sheep milking in mountain huts, tasting of local traditional meals directly from local people, picking garden fruits and vegetables, tasting traditional brandy and more.

However, we specialize in outdoor activities, which the breathtaking karst landscape offers and provides. Canyoning and speleology are at the core of our activities. We offer you some fascinating experiences in cave systems hidden deep underground, where you will experience swimming in underground lakes, abseiling underground waterfalls, jumping into emerald cave pools and natural pools, swimming under flooded stalactites or see huge underground spaces with fascinating stalactite decoration. You can slide in the cave natural water slides and on the rock slides where the underground river flows and we can prepare a cave picnic miles away in the cave systems.

On the surface we have prepared action canyoning in scenic karst canyons and narrow gorges full of waterfalls and abseiling. You can set off on a 4×4 Jeep on a karst plateau full of shepherds and sheep, where you can taste traditional cheeses, homemade bread, fresh vegetables and flush everything with local brandy. Here you can graze the sheep, lie in the tall grass on the pastures.

We will lend you all the materials and equipment for caving and canyoning. You don’t need anything at all. Just time and desire to go with us. Enjoyd experience a wonderful adventure with us in romanian Transylvania. We look forward to you.