Did you know that we have three trillion trees on our planet in every possible form? So it´s about 420 trees per person. Since the beginning of human civilization 12,000 years ago have been 46 % of trees was liquidated and 15 billion trees is liquidated each year. New tree planting and natural propagation reduce this loss to 10 billion trees a year. The “green aspect” of being is very important to us. We can calculate the carbon footprint of our business and defend it in any way, but it will only be letters that lack any value without concrete measures and solutions

So we decided to plant a tree for every customer. By mutual agreement with other interested organizations (management of national parks, management of protected landscape areas, municipal authorities, local authorities, etc.) we will follow a coordinated and conceptual procedure. Our target locations will be the locations of our operations where the impact of our activities has the greatest impact.

We therefore thank our customers for using our services.Thanks to this financial contribution we will make return a part of power our vital system, which gives the new energy and strength necessary for its renewal our planet. We will keep you updated on this activity through social media.